Angry nationalists storm Macedonian parliament

With blood on his face, Zoran Zaev, the leader of Social Democratic Union of Macedonia, tries to leave the Macedonian Parliament in Skopje, 27 April 2017.

Story highlights

  • Nationalists surrounded and stormed the parliament building
  • TV footage showed a bloodied politician

(CNN)Violence broke out in Macedonia's Parliament on Thursday after an ethnic Albanian MP was elected speaker, sparking outrage from nationalists.

Hundreds of angry protesters surrounded and stormed the Parliament building demanding new elections, according to the Macedonian Information Agency.
    Television footage from inside the building showed individuals with black masks shoving and pushing people.
      Police face protesters gathered outside Macedonia's parliament in Skopje on April 27.
      It's not clear how many people were injured, but the footage showed Social Democratic Union leader Zoran Zaev with blood on his face and head.
      The American Embassy in Skopje condemned the violence and asked all parties to refrain from further actions.
      Protesters demonstrate inside Macedonia's parliament to protest against against what they said was an unfair vote to elect a parliamentary speaker.