Funeral home refused to cremate gay man, lawsuit alleges

John "Jack" Zawadski says he had to scramble to find last-minute funeral services for his husband

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  • Lawsuit says funeral home backed out of verbal agreement to provide final services
  • Picayune Funeral Home denies allegations

(CNN)A gay man is suing a funeral home in Mississippi, alleging that it refused to cremate his husband because it did not "deal with their kind."

John "Jack" Zawadski, 82, and his nephew filed a lawsuit against the Picayune Funeral Home's owners seeking damages for breach of contract and emotional distress.
    The lawsuit accuses them of backing out of a verbal agreement to provide final services for Zawadski's husband, Robert Huskey, in May 2016 after discovering he was gay. The reversal compounded the family's grief and left them scrambling for alternatives. The only provider they could find was 90 miles away, the lawsuit alleges, leading the family to cancel Huskey's memorial.
    Robert Huskey, left, who died in May 2016, seen here with husband John "Jack" Zawadski