These are the most climate-damaging foods

CNN  — 

The Natural Resources Defense Council, an international nonprofit environmental organization founded in 1970, has released a report on food and climate-warming pollution in the US which includes a list of 10 common foods that are considered to be highly climate-damaging, in relation to the amount of CO2 released for each kilogram of food produced.

The study analyzed 197 foods – tracked by USDA’s Economic Research Service – and tallied their cumulative climate-warming pollution from 2005 to 2014. Excluded from the list are some foods that most people are not familiar with or are difficult to deliberately avoid, because they are often used in ingredients in other products as opposed to purchased directly by consumers in large amounts. These include: lard and beef tallow (11.92 kg of CO2 per kg of food), dry milk products (10.4 kg of CO2 per kg of food), and other added fats and oils such as palm oil (6.30 kg of CO2 per kg of food).