Refugees from South Sudan climb on to trucks at the border with Uganda to travel to nearby settlements after fleeing violence and famine in their homeland.
Millions flee South Sudan to escape death
03:37 - Source: CNN
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Imvepi Refugee Camp, Uganda: Seventeen-year-old Blessing Akujo stands motionless, watching the flatbed trucks fill with their human cargo in the midday sun. 

Hundreds of her fellow refugees pack UN-issued water canisters and mattresses into the trucks before climbing in for what they hope is the final move in their desperate search for sanctuary.

Blessing’s caseworker from the World Vision aid agency finally spots her, handing over the teen’s newborn baby before helping mother and child up the homemade wooden ladder and into the last truck. 

The engines start, the cabs rattle and the convoy sets off for one of the few remaining clear plots of land in Northern Uganda’s Imvepi Refugee Camp. 

Blessing Akujo sits with her newborn daughter after fleeing her homeland of South Sudan, leaving her parents behind.

Blessing’s mother and father don’t yet know they are grandparents. A week ago the family’s village was attacked, and their neighbors were killed. In the chaos, her parents told their heavily pregnant daughter to run, promising they would follow.