Mayor wants apology for 'Chicago P.D.' episode

Jesse Lee Soffer, Elias Koteas,  LaRoyce Hawkins and Jason Beghe star in the "Army of One" episode of "Chicago P.D."

Story highlights

  • Show portrayed a racist incident in an Indiana city
  • Mayor said they shouldn't have used the city's name

(CNN)An Indiana mayor wants an apology for how his city was portrayed in a recent "Chicago P.D." episode.

Crown Point Mayor David Uran told the Chicago Tribune that NBC should apologize to residents for how their city was depicted in what he perceived was "a very bizarre episode."
    "Obviously the story line isn't true," Uran told the Chicago Tribune in an article published on Wednesday. "We have never had a case like that here in Crown Point. Just the way it engaged the image of our city was a little disturbing."
    The police procedural just wrapped up its fourth season.
    In an episode that aired on May 10 titled "Army of One," authorities are on the hunt for the murderer of a high school football star who is killed after being released from jail on a rape conviction.
    Investigators interview the aunt of the man killed and she tells them there was no rape, but that the man was railroaded because he was black and the alleged victim, who was white, was her nephew's girlfriend.
    "They were just kids. They put him in jail for having relations," the aunt character says on the episode. "Because she was white and that don't fly in Crown Point, Indiana."
    Uran said his city, which is about an hour south of Chicago, was maligned.
    "We have low crime rates," he said. "People maintain their properties. It is not the way they portrayed the city."
    The elected official said there was a simple way to avoid Crown Point's ire.
    "All they had to do is change the name," Uran said in reference to the episode's setting.
    CNN has reached out to NBC for comment.