#Grime4Corbyn: UK grime scene gets political

JME is one of many UK grime artists to have spoken out in support of Jeremy Corbyn.

Story highlights

  • JME, Stormzy and Akala are all supporting Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in the UK's upcoming election
  • The hashtag #grime4corbyn is catching on among grime fans
  • "We seem to be seeing someone that we can actually trust, someone that's human," said JME

(CNN)Grime music is getting political in the UK.

Superstars of the grime scene such as JME, Stormzy and Akala as well as young MCs Novelist, Big Zuu and AJ Tracey have all tweeted, instagrammed or snapped their support for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, in the run-up to the UK's general election
Corbyn, a left-wing politician who has been a Labour MP in London since 1983, was elected leader of the party in 2015.
Many Labour MPs have been critical of his leadership, his socialist policies and his pacifist stance. But grime artists are now speaking out in support of the politician, and urging their fans to vote for his party on June 8.
"For the first time in my adult life there is a chance to elect someone I would consider a sane and decent human," wrote rapper and poet Akala on Twitter soon after the snap election was announced in April.
"He has constantly voted/spoken against UK foreign aggression," he wrote. "This alone makes him the most electable politician we have ever had," he added, also praising Corbyn's anti-austerity, pro-National Health Service stance.
There's now a hashtag -- #Grime4Corbyn -- and a website that encourages users to register to vote before the May 22 deadline.
Jeremy Corbyn addresses the crowd at a campaign rally on May 16, 2017 in Huddersfield, England.
The website also links to a grime track, the lyrics for which are taken from a speech given by Corbyn in September 2016 after he won a second Labour leadership election.
"If like me, you believe that it's a scandal that here in Britain, the sixth largest economy in the world," the track starts, "four million children are in poverty, six million workers are paid less than the living wage; and if like me, you believe we can do things far better, then help us build support for a genuine alternative that would invest in our future.
"A more prosperous future, in which the wealth we all create is shared more equally."
Earlier this week, JME, co-founder of grime collective and record label Boy Better Know (BBK), revealed via Snapchat that he and Corbyn had met and spoken about politics and the need for young people to vote in the election.