Monaco Grand Prix 2017: Nelson Piquet Jr.'s dream weekend in Principality

    (CNN)Monaco is a home from home for a number of leading motorsport drivers and of course once a year they even get to race around the Principality's racing circuit, either in Formula One or Formula E.

    So who better than Formula E driver Nelson Piquet Jr -- the son of triple F1 world champion Nelson -- to provide a lowdown on spending a dream weekend in Monaco.
      "A perfect week would be racing in Monaco -- and winning a race," Nelson Piquet Jr. told CNN.
      Then, if there's one thing F1 drivers know how to do well, it's celebrate. Piquet's nightclub of choice is Jimmy'z, the self-titled "Monte-Carlo temple of clubbing."
      "Celebrating Saturday night? Maybe at Jimmy'z or some fun clubs we have around here," he says.
      Famed for its delightful weather and stunning coastline, it would be a shame to not sample Monaco's beaches at least once.
      "On Sunday, get the boat go to Anjuna Beach, have an amazing lunch over here, over there by the water and enjoy it with friends," said the 31-year-old Brazilian.
      Of course, after a weekend of celebration, a detox on Monday is essential.
      "Monday? I have a run -- I can run from my house to Mala Beach," says Piquet. "It's a really cool beach to go running and it has amazing views by the water.
      "I can enjoy couple of hours on the beach and run back home -- and that's my Saturday, Sunday, Monday."
      As CNN Supercharged presenter Nicki Shields, who interviewed Piquet for the show, quips: "No wonder racing drivers are never ever stressed!"