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Leaders of the seven most powerful countries convened in the Sicilian town of Taormina for the G7 meetings. But on the sidelines of diplomatic talks, a new bromance seemed to have flourished between Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron, France’s newly inaugurated president.

Trudeau and Macron met for the first time at the summit. On Friday, Trudeau wrote on Twitter he had a sit-down with Macron, where the two talked about “jobs, security and climate.”

That same day, Trudeau and Macron stepped away to take a walk with the beautiful Italian scenery as backdrop.

Macron posted a video of the stroll with his Canadian counterpart, and wrote: “The Franco-Canadian friendship has a new face. @JustinTrudeau, we have to meet the challenges of our generation!”

Social media users swiftly took notice of the brewing bromance.

Many, including CNN’s Tara Mulholland, wrote about the way Macron and Trudeau looked at each other.

Others recalled another political bromance Trudeau was part of.

Users drew comparisons between Trudeau and Macron, describing the two as young and good-looking politicians with progressive ideas. Earlier this month, Macron announced his Cabinet was comprised evenly of men and women. Trudeau did the same in 2015 when he took office.

Only time will tell if Trudeau and Macron are the new Obama and Biden.