Behind the lens with an award-winning sports photographer

    (CNN)Clive Mason fell in love with sailing photography in the early 1980s, covering events while sleeping in his camper van.

    A veteran of the last four Olympic regattas, the award-winning photographer has followed boats around the world, from the Acropolis of Athens 2004 to the "quintessentially British" setting of London 2012.
    His portfolio comprises hundreds of Formula One races, numerous football, rugby and cricket World Cups, as well as coverage of the English Premier League.
      And among Mason's many awards, the Getty Images photographer was recently awarded the prize for the "Best Olympic Portfolio" at the British Sports Journalists' Association awards, in recognition of his work at Rio 2016.
        Take a look at the 10 photos that impressed the judges and find out about the challenges of documenting elite sport below...

        Andreas Cariolou, RS-X (Cyprus)

          The sun was beginning to set over the Marina da Glória and Mason was finishing up for the day. All he needed was that one perfect shot and, "as if by magic," Cypriot windsurfer Andreas Cariolou glided directly past the press boat as he made his way to shore.

          Ben Saxton & Nicola Groves, Nacra 17 (Great Britain)

          Sailors are not averse to "playing up" for the cameras, jokes Mason, telling CNN the more brazen showboaters will deliberately seek to sail past the working press.

          Nathan Outteridge, 49er skiff (Australia)

          But the photographer's craft is also about intensely "personal" moments. Mason says he was "lucky" to get the opportunity to shoot Australian sailor Nathan Outteridge washing down his boat in this pragmatic, four or five days before the hustle and bustle of Olympic competition.
          "I love this picture," Mason says, telling CNN he and his fellow professionals sometimes find themselves forming bonds with the athletes they cover over the years, quietly sharing their moments of victory.

          Ben Saxton & Nicola Groves, Nacra 17 (Great Britain)