Great Britain? How the UK shapes up against the rest of the world

Updated 0641 GMT (1441 HKT) June 2, 2017

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(CNN)People in Britain are heading to the polls for a snap election, just two years after the last vote, and hot on the heels of the Brexit and Scottish independence referendums.

While Brexit remains a core concern for voters, traditional issues such as the economy, immigration and healthcare have dominated.
Here's how the UK stacks up against the rest of the world:


The economy is one of the issues British voters care most about, according to the UK polling service YouGov -- and it's at the center of the main parties' campaign rhetoric.
The UK's economy -- the world's fifth-largest -- grew by only 1.9% in 2016, according to the UK's Office for National Statistics.
    But with departure from the EU looming, financial uncertainty abounds: investments are on hold, some companies have said they will move thousands of jobs out of the UK, and retail spending is low. For ordinary Britons, financial insecurity has been felt by poor wage increases and job insecurity for the last decade.
    As unemployment levels have dropped, wages have stagnated. The numbers of people on controversial zero-hours contracts (which don't guarantee any job security, benefits, or workers' rights) and short-hours contracts (which guarantee as little as one hour's work a month) have risen, according to the ONS.
    Nearly a million people in Britain were on zero-hours contracts by the end of 2016, according to the ONS -- a 13% surge on the previous year. The Labour party has promised to end zero-hours contracts and unpaid internships if elected in; Theresa May's Conservative party says it will "review" the practice.
    There are more jobs on the books, and unemployment is at its lowest level in four decades, but many British workers are still facing a precarious balancing act to make ends meet.
    And to make it worse, income inequality is on the rise.