Dubai delivery app takes off

Published 0844 GMT (1644 HKT) June 8, 2017
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Idriss Al Rifai and Joy Ajlouny, founders of Fetchr, a Dubai-based delivery service which uses your smartphone as your location. The start up, which operates in a number of countries in the Middle East, has just received $41 million in additional investment to expand the company. courtesy Fetchr
In the UAE many people do not have listed addresses, creating issues around deliveries. Fetchr seeks to negotiate this problem by using a smartphone's GPS location to send a package directly to you -- wherever you may be. courtesy Fetchr
The company was conceived when Rifai met Ajlouny in California, 2012. Starting with three employees, its numbers have swelled to 1,500 -- growing 100% in the last four months, according to Fetchr. courtesy Fetchr
Fetchr operates a two price system for items below three kilograms and below 12 kilograms. It also offers Fetchr Now, a service which will pick up your package in under 45 minutes and deliver it immediately. courtesy Fetchr
The company gives users the option to pay cash on delivery -- still the most popular method of e-commerce in the region, Fetchr says. courtesy Fetchr
Both vans and motorbikes are sent out to negotiate the Dubai traffic, with the latter ideal for rush hour deliveries. courtesy Fetchr