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Family Fun 411: Is yoga the new family time?
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Editor’s Note: This story originally ran on in 2015.

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Practicing yoga may improve quality of life, overall physical fitness, strength and flexibility

One vlogger couple tried a yoga challenge, and their kids jumped on board

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Over the past year, yoga challenges have been sweeping the social stratosphere, making everywhere you look a virtual “zen zone.” This yogi trend has also become a fun and healthy way for families to connect.

The National Institutes of Health says studies have shown that practicing yoga may improve quality of life, overall physical fitness, strength and flexibility.

Although they’ve never practiced yoga before, Jeremy and Kendra of J House Vlogs wound up doing the #YogaChallenge after being tagged in another couple’s video.

“The way it works in the YouTube daily vlogging community is, there is kind of tags that go around, and they are silly things you get to do together,” said Jeremy.

Being a temporary yogi definitely was a challenge for the J House duo.

“I think we’re both a little humbled,” said Jeremy. “We weren’t really able to do a lot of the poses – it was kind of a wakeup call … like maybe I need to stretch a little bit more.”

After watching video of their parents doing the challenge, three of Jeremy and Kendra’s four children wanted to try.

“The next day, the kids watched it, and they were cracking up, and they wanted to do it,” said Kendra.

Initially, the couple didn’t believe their children could do it. That was until they caught their 3-year-old, Caleb, doing head stands in the living room.

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    Kendra immediately began doing Google and Pinterest searches for children’s yoga poses, and tons of options came up. That is when she knew they could do this as a family.

    “The experience we were hoping our kids could have too is that teamwork and unity and collaborating and problem-solving together to try and figure out how to do it,” said Kendra.

    “It was a really different type of way for us to play together as a family,” said Kendra.

    “You can do it in any weather and with any number of people. It was very good teamwork opportunity.”