Why 'A Nasty Boy' magazine is causing a stir in Nigeria

Story highlights

  • A new Nigerian online magazine 'A Nasty Boy' is ruffling feathers
  • Editor Richard Akuson wants to explore and celebrate 'otherness' in fashion, people and culture

(CNN)Bold, disruptive and totally unapologetic, a new Nigerian online magazine 'A Nasty Boy,' is set to ruffle a few feathers.

"Sometimes our visual content will not be safe for the workplace... we won't make it any easier for you with our provocative editorials and swear words; take it in good spirits," read's the magazine's disclaimer.
    The magazine is filled with provocative images, featuring nude models, articles contain swear words and avant-garde ideas.
    In Nigeria, a conservative country, where public expressions of nudity are uncommon, 'A Nasty Boy' is unsurprisingly causing controversy.
    But for editor Richard Akuson, the publication is sending out a clear message: he's not interested in fitting the status quo.