Songs from Tanzania's island of albinos

Story highlights

  • Ukerewe Island in Lake Victoria has become a safe haven for a community of Tanzanians with albinism
  • Albinos face medical dangers, but also the threat of violent attacks from people wishing to harvest organs and bones

(CNN)"I was rejected at birth by my father," says Christina Wagulu. "My uncles have threatened to kill me because of my condition. Men stigmatize me and don't like me."

Wagulu has albinism, a genetic condition which in her home country Tanzania brings with it a host of dangers.
    Some are medical. Albinos have a skin pigment deficiency, resulting in poor eyesight and an increased likelihood of developing skin cancer. One startling figure from non-governmental organization Standing Voice claims that 98% of Tanzanian albinos die from skin cancer before the age of 40.
      The greater fear, however, comes from humans, both strangers and family alike.