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Was the Queen's hat an anti-Brexit message?
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Queen Elizabeth's EU-flag-looking hat caused a stir on social meadia

One person declared that the hat shows the Queen is "WOKE"

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On anyone else’s head, a blue flowered hat would be just that – a hat.

But when you’re Queen Elizabeth II, it doesn’t take much for an accessory choice to prompt a national guessing game.

The Queen showed up for her speech to Parliament on Wednesday wearing a hat with striking similarities to the flag of the European Union.

We don’t know which side of the Brexit debate she favors, but that didn’t stop Twitter users from immediately interpreting what the headgear might mean.

The hat was blue with several yellow-centered flowers on the front. The EU flag is blue with a circle of yellow stars.

Liz Sewell tweeted, “How FAB. Queen wears EU flag as Hat,” while Oli Mould wrote, “the Queen trolls the #brexit brigade by wearing an EU hat. The Queen is WOKE.”

Guy Verhofstadt, former Belgian prime minister and current head of one of the biggest parties in the European Parliament, also chimed in. “Clearly the EU still inspires some in the UK,” he tweeted.

The UK voted last year to leave the EU, an unprecedented and polarizing move that left Britons split on the decision. In her speech Wednesday, the Queen laid out a policy agenda that focused heavily on Brexit. Typically, the Queen’s speech is a colorful affair with extravagant – and, well, royal – traditions.

There are usually velvet robes and a crown involved, but there wasn’t much time to prep for the pomp after the June 8 snap election.

So instead of her usual sparkly headgear, Her Majesty opted for a hat instead.

Buckingham Palace had no comment on the Queen’s hat.