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After watching his En Marche party torpedo the opposition in last month’s legislative election, French President Emmanuel Macron spent Tuesday on a nuclear-armed submarine.

Macron, fresh from delivering his address at the Palace of Versailles, visited Le Terrible to show his support for the country’s naval fleet.

Emmanuel Macron visits the submarine Le Terrible off the Brittany coast.

The President, wearing a naval uniform, was winched down to the submarine from a helicopter after visiting the nuclear weapons facilities at the Ile Longue base, near Brest in northwestern France.

Macron (center) stands with Capt. Jerome Halle, the commanding officer.

Macron spent four hours underwater. He met with officers and crew, went through a simulation exercise and was given a tour.

President Macron gets a good view from the periscope.

After the visit he tweeted: “At Ile Longue base of nuclear submarines, launching equipment. France has a deterrent force, a guarantee of peace.”

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France will be the only EU country to possess nuclear weapons after Britain leaves the bloc in 2019.

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Le Terrible, which submerges to a depth of 500 meters, is the first submarine entirely mapped out through computer assisted design, and cost about $1.72 billion.

Macron’s visit came just after North Korea said it had launched its first intercontinental ballistic missile.

CNN’s Katie Polglase contributed to this report,.