More than 2,700 migrants removed from 'illegal camps' in Paris

Anti-riot police stand guard as a makeshift campsite in north Paris is dismantled on Friday.

(CNN)More than 2,700 migrants and refugees were removed from illegal roadside camps in northern Paris on Friday.

With the nearby newly-established refugee aid center in Porte de la Chapelle at capacity, hundreds of displaced people had established makeshift sleeping arrangements below bridges, on nearby pavements and other thoroughfares.
Workers clear the site in Porte de la Chapelle.
As day broke on Friday, authorities and riot police were seen arriving in white vans to remove the migrants and take them to temporary shelters in and around Paris.
    Paris City Hall official Dominique Versini told CNews TV that an estimated 100 people -- many from the Middle East and eastern Africa -- were arriving in the area each day, according to Reuters.
      Versini said that the area had seen up to 2,500 migrants move to the vicinity recently.
      The "illegal camps" present "significant risks for the safety and health of their occupants and for local residents," Paris police said in a statement.