UK university proposes post-Brexit campus in Germany

King's College London has proposed building a post-Brexit satellite campus in Dresden, eastern Germany.

London (CNN)Germany may soon be home to the UK's first satellite university campus on the European continent.

King's College London (KCL) has worked closely with TU Dresden -- a technical university in eastern Germany -- for many years.
But the relationship could now become even closer as the London university has announced it is considering opening a new campus in the German city.
    The announcement comes as UK universities fear falling staff and student numbers and a loss of funding as a result of Britain's pending exit from the European Union.
      A KCL spokesperson confirmed Monday that the project is in the early planning stages and said that the university values its existing links with TU Dresden, "which demonstrate the success of cross-national and institutional links."
      "The plan is at an extremely early stage," Hans Muller-Steinhagen, Vice Chancellor of TU Dresden, told CNN, but "there is significant interest from the senior university management at both King's and TU."
      Muller-Steinhagen spent seven years working at the University of Surrey in the UK and is bewildered by the UK's decision to leave the EU.
      And he expects to see proposals for satellite campuses "all over Europe" in the next months and years as a result.
      "We are not prepared to let our strong cooperative links with UK universities suffer from these political decisions," he said.