Teen electrocuted after playing on phone in bathtub

Police believe Madison Coe, 14, sent this message to a friend before she was electrocuted in her bathtub.

Story highlights

  • Police believe the photo might have been taken up to an hour prior to the girl's death
  • Evidence shows contact with a frayed extension cord likely led to electrocution

CNN (CNN)As she often did, 14-year-old Madison Coe ran a bath to unwind before bed.

She took her phone into the bathroom and was careful to keep it dry as it charged, laying its power cords on a towel. Madison snapped a photo of her setup and sent it to a friend with the message, "When you use (an) extension cord so you can plug your phone in while you're in the bath."
    It was the last time anyone heard from her.
    A police investigation concluded that Madison was electrocuted July 9 while in the bathtub at her father's home in Lovington, New Mexico. Lovington Police spokesman David Miranda said the photo might have been taken up to an hour before she died.
    Now her family has released that last text message she sent in the hope of preventing similar accidents.