Who needs James Bond? We've got Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron talks 'Atomic Blonde' stunts
Charlize Theron talks 'Atomic Blonde' stunts


    Charlize Theron talks 'Atomic Blonde' stunts


Charlize Theron talks 'Atomic Blonde' stunts 00:55

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  • Theron's been mentioned as potential female Bond
  • The actress talked to CNN about the stunt work in her new film

(CNN)It's hard not to want to discuss Charlize Theron and James Bond in the same breath.

Her moves as a spy in the new thriller "Atomic Blonde" lend themselves to the comparison, not to mention her "Snow White and the Huntsman" co-star Chris Hemsworth endorsing her to W Magazine to become the first female Bond.
    "She's embodies every sort of ounce of strength and nobility and dignity and integrity that that character should have," Hemsworth said.
    Plus, there is all the talk about whether or not Daniel Craig will be returning to the "007" franchise, and who will succeed him once he hangs up his tuxedo.
    Here's why Theron makes us worry less about that:

    Females are strong as hell

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    As Lorraine Broughton in "Atomic Blonde," Theron drives, shoots, punches and kicks with the best of them.
    The actress told CNN is was hard at times to let the stunt coordinator for the film step in because she wanted to do all the action sequences herself.
    "I ended up doing a lot by myself. I think we were always kind of prepared for that and I was kind of training for that. There were very few things that I didn't do and there was no way I could do some of them," Theron said. "They were never going to let me jump out of building with a garden hose; that was never going to happen, so I had to make peace with that."

    Sexy times? She nails it

    Bond is known for bedding the ladies, and we'll just say Theron's character is no slouch in the romance department either.
    Theron has all the charm and sex appeal the Bond franchise is known for.

    Killer style

    Don't even get us started on her wardrobe.
    The film is set in Berlin in the 1980s, and Theron's character serves up plenty of style -- from a John Galliano white-vinyl trench to enviable Dior (the actress has been a spokesperson for the fashion house).
    "'Cool' was our mantra on this film, and it became very empowering," "Atomic Blonde" costume designer Cindy Evans told Fashionista.com.

    This is not new to her

    Let us not forget that Theron has plenty of practice playing tough women.
    In addition to her role in 2012's "Snow White and the Huntsman," she's showed off her physicality in "Aeon Flux" and played a villain in "The Fate of the Furious."

    Theron doesn't mind thinking out the box

    The actress is already thinking ahead.
    Theron floated the idea to E! of an "Atomic Blonde"/"James Bond" crossover.
    "Hopefully we can bring Lorraine back, and we can have Bond and Lorraine do a little something," she said. "Why not?"