Leslie Jones gets 'Game of Thrones' surprise

Conleth Hill, Leslie Jones, Seth Meyers met up during "Game of Jones" on "Late Night."

Story highlights

  • Leslie Jones is a huge fan of "GOT"
  • She geeked when one star showed up

(CNN)Seth Meyers gave "Game of Thrones" superfan Leslie Jones a super thrill to go along with her viewing of the latest episode.

The pair sat down for another installment of "Game of Jones" which aired Wednesday on Meyers' "Late Night."
    Jones reacts to the action on her beloved "Game of Thrones."
    This time around, Meyers had a surprise for Jones as Conleth Hill, the actor who portrays Varys, popped in just as Jones was talking trash about the character.
    Jones screamed and ran to hug Hill as he entered the room.
    "Are you kidding me?" Jones yelled. "Oh my God, this is so cool!"
    Hill asked Jones "What were you saying about me?"
    "I was saying that you can't trust your a**, but you know s*** that you not telling everybody," Jones said.
    It wasn't the first time Jones and Hill have met.
    Last year, Jones thrilled fans by sharing a series of candid photos she took with some "Game of Thrones" actors during the Emmys.
    "Ok I seriously met everyone I watch in television it's f****** cray," Jones tweeted. "Now y'all know how much I love GOT! Well..."