9 tech crazes that made us lose our minds in the '90s

Oh, how far we've come.

(CNN)When it comes to technology, the '90s were sort of ... awkward. Sure, the pieces were there, but we didn't really know how to make the best of them.

Video game graphics that blew our minds look like sand paintings in retrospect. Even though we had the Internet, we hadn't yet perfected its primary uses (cat videos and abusing strangers on social media). Palm pilots and Tamogatchis happened. It was a mess!
But it was a beautiful mess, and the crazes we once could barely believe were real are now ones we can look back on fondly -- from the comfort of our shiny, modern computing devices.

1. Talkboy

The TalkBoy is a perfect symbol of '90s technology: Clunky, obsolete, tied to a beloved '90s franchise and featuring a payoff that -- for the time -- was an amazing novelty, but now is positively medieval.
It was seriously just a video cassette in a little player upon which you could record and play back your voice. No part of that setup is still relevant. But because Kevin McAllister used it in "Home Alone 2," everyone had to have one -- and to be honest, they sort of ruled then.
Lest ye forget, the TalkBoy also had a cooler, sleeker cousin: the Yak Bak. (But the Yak Baks could only record, like, a few seconds of sound. It was the Vine of '90s audio toys).

2. Tamagotchi

If you were a grade school kid in the '90s, you were probably responsible for the deaths of hundreds of little pixelated monsters called Tamagotchis.
These little egg-shaped doohickeys were originally from Japan, and taught children some important facts of life: Being a caring, nurturing person is a real hassle, and if you don't feed your pets they will grow angel wings and HAUNT YOU.
Good times.

3. 1998 iMac

Be honest. These things still look ridiculously cool. Why did the gummi-bear-colored computer trend never take off? Did we fly too close to the sun? Maybe it's because you could fit 10 working computers from 2017 in one of its big, beautiful, bulbous chassis.

4. Beepers

People used to say "beep me" and it was a really cool thing. If someone had a pager (aka, a beeper), they were extremely important. They had to be reachable at all times, but only in an archaic, indirect way: someone pages you and then you have to find a telephone and call them back.
Meanwhile, today's grade-schoolers are walking around with fully-functioning smart phones like they're expecting a call from the president at any moment. Time is weird.

5. Palm Pilots

Speaking of smart phones, let's take a moment to remember the honorable Palm Pilot. Another trapping of Very Important Business People and the grandmother of hand-held computer devices, the Palm Pilot was a brand-new '90s invention that changed the game.
It was a PDA - a "personal digital assistant" - that allowed you to organize the Very Important Things going on in your life with a fancy stylus.
But, the game moves on quickly! Looking back, the first Palm Pilots had all the futuristic appeal of a parking meter. The display wasn't lit, and it had a measly few hundred KILOBYTES of memory. Kilobytes! For the record, if you have an 8 GB phone right now, you have the memory of 16,000 early Palm Pilots.

6. Electronic diaries