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Watch Bonnie Tyler sing to John Berman
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Tyler will perform her hit song on board a "Total Eclipse" cruise today

She's performing an edited 2 minute, 40 second version as that's how long the actual eclipse will last

CNN  — 

Singer Bonnie Tyler belted out her favorite line from “Total Eclipse of the Heart’ live on CNN Monday, just hours before a total solar eclipse is expected to darken parts of North America.

“I need you more than ever, and if you only hold me tight, we’ll be holding on forever,” she sang live from a cruise ship as CNN’s John Berman held a lit flame from his New York anchor desk.

Tyler is performing her signature 1983 hit song on board a Royal Caribbean “Total Eclipse Cruise” sailing through the path of totality and the shadow of the moon.

As passengers are plunged into darkness by the moon eclipsing the sun, they’ll hear Tyler singing the rock ballad along with American band DNCE.

The Welsh singer said her song had to be edited down from its original eight minutes to a two-minute-and-40-seconds version because that’s how long the total eclipse will last.

But Tyler is also likely to be singing the song, a No. 1 hit in several countries, in its entirety throughout the special day.

Asked by Berman if you can stare into a total eclipse of the heart without glasses, Tyler said: “That’s a good one. I will definitely be wearing my glasses later, but I’m sure that you can look into my heart. I wear it on my sleeve.”

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