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Kasich slams Trump's Obamacare subsidy threat
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Senate committee will hold hearings on health care on September 6 and 7

Witnesses are expected to include governors and state insurance commissioners

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When Congress returns to Washington after Labor Day, it will immediately confront a tough question: Can there be bipartisan agreement on fixing the country’s health care system?

The Senate health committee announced Tuesday that it will hold two back-to-back hearings on health care September 6 and 7. That will be the first time that Republican and Democratic senators officially gather together to examine potential ways to stabilize the Obamacare marketplace. Witnesses are expected to include governors and state insurance commissioners.

“While there are a number of issues with the American health care system, if your house is on fire, you want to put out the fire, and the fire in this case is in the individual health insurance market,” Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander, the Republican chairman of the health committee, said in a statement.

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Washington Sen. Patty Murray, the top Democrat on the panel, said: “It is clearer than ever that the path to continue making health care work better for patients and families isn’t through partisanship or backroom deals. It is through working across the aisle, transparency, and coming