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August 25, 2017

Part of the Amazon Rainforest has just been opened for mining, and the decision comes with some controversy. A young Nobel Peace Prize winner is taking the next step in the education for which she risked her life. A storm is bearing down on the U.S. state of Texas. And a CNN Hero is helping dozens of others by running a coffee shop. All of these stories are explained this Friday on CNN 10!
1. Before this week's total solar eclipse, what war was taking place the last time the U.S. saw a similar eclipse that spanned from coast to coast?
2. On the 38th parallel north is a heavily fortified landmark that divides what two Asian countries?
3. America's longest war, which began in 2001, continues to involve thousands of U.S. troops serving in what country?
4. Name the U.S. ship that was recently located in the Pacific Ocean, 72 years after it was sunk in World War II.
5. Bangladesh, India and Nepal are struggling with massive flooding brought on by what seasonal rains?
6. Name the clock bell that is housed inside of the U.K.'s Elizabeth Tower and has fallen silent during work to conserve the landmark.
7. On Wednesday, a storm named Hato made landfall as a powerful typhoon in what Asian country?
8. What is the name of the NASA spacecraft that was turned on for the first time this week in a significant milestone for the project?
9. An oceanographer named Charles Moore recently discovered a new "garbage patch" in what ocean?
10. Brazil's government just opened up part of the Amazon Rainforest to what industry?
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