Workers at two hospitals disciplined for violations involving patients' genitals

Workers at two hospital systems were disciplined after inappropriately viewing patients' genitals.

Story highlights

  • Doctors at a Pittsburgh hospital were suspended after some took photos of a patient's genitals
  • Nurses at a Denver facility were disciplined for inappropriately discussing a deceased patient's genitalia

(CNN)Numerous medical professionals were disciplined for viewing patients' genitals while they were unconscious or deceased, according to reports detailing separate incidents at two major US health systems.

In December, a man went to a University of Pittsburgh Medical Center hospital for surgery to "remove a foreign body" that caused a genital injury, according to a Pennsylvania Department of Health report.
    A "crowd" of UPMC Bedford nurses and doctors "lined up at the door" of the operating room to take photos and videos of the man's genitals while he was under anesthesia, according to the report.
    The material taken on personal cell phones "had no clinical justification," and staffers "shared those videos and photographs to others uninvolved with the patient's care," the report says.
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