'ICU Grandpa' cradles babies when their parents can't

David Deutchman, the "ICU Grandpa," cradles premature infant Logan at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.

Story highlights

  • The retired marketing executive has been cradling babies for 12 years
  • He volunteers in the ICU at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

Atlanta (CNN)With the preemie cradled in his arms, the retiree glanced toward the entrance of the pediatric intensive care unit.

The child's mother stood at the door, David Deutchman later recalled. She'd gone home to take care of her older daughter, all the while worrying about the baby boy whom she'd left the previous night at the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta hospital. Now she was back.
    "Who are you?" the mother asked, peering at this stranger holding her swaddled son, life-sustaining wires taped to his tiny cheek.
    "I'm the ICU grandpa," De