Michael Bennett stop: Las Vegas police deny race played role

    Defensive end Michael Bennett was attending the fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Connor McGregor.

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    • Police say the NFL star ran when people were told to get down, stay put
    • Officers involved in his detention also are minorities

    This article contains language that some may find objectionable.

    (CNN)NFL star Michael Bennett was not singled out nor detained because of his race during an incident that occurred in Las Vegas after a major prizefight last month, Sheriff Joseph Lombardo told reporters Friday.

    Lombardo said the Seattle Seahawks defensive lineman -- who has alleged a police officer pointed a gun at his head and threatened to shoot him -- was held because of his actions in the aftermath of a reported shooting stood out.
      As for the allegation that members of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department used a pointed gun while detaining Bennett, the sheriff said: "There is no evidence that this happened."
      In one of several police body cam videos released Friday, Bennett, who is in the back of a patrol car, complains that his cuffs are too tight, and when officers come to loosen them he says an officer pointed the gun at his head while he was on the ground. An officer heard on the video says no one did so.
      Bennett says, "The other officer did, sir." It is unclear which officer Bennett is referring to in the video.
      In another video he says an officer had the gun to the back of his head and was "saying he's going to blow my head off."
      "We have not been able to confirm that statement," Lombardo said, adding that the officer could be heard giving Bennett profanity-punctuated orders to move his arms and hands.
      The detaining officer failed to activate his body camera and could be subject to disciplinary action, the sheriff said. That officer did have his weapon drawn, video shows.
      Bennett's attorney disputed that the videos released Friday rule out race as a factor.
      "It does not disprove in any way what Michael Bennett says happened to him," John Burris told CNN. "He was a large black man running away from what he thought were gunshots, as were many others, and there was no lawful basis for him being detained."
      Bennett is 6-foot-4 and weighs 274 pounds, according to the NFL.
      "The video confirms what happened and we don't dispute that. We disagree with the conclusions," Burris said.

      Police responded to open letter from Bennett

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