Minister on catcalling law: Some men still say 'It's French culture'

France's minister for gender equality, Marlene Schiappa (center), wants to ban catcalling.

Paris (CNN)Men who catcall, harass or follow women on the street in France could face on-the-spot fines under a new sexual-abuse law planned by the country's minister for gender equality.

The legislation aims to crack down on the kind of predatory behavior that Marlene Schiappa says restricts French women's everyday lives, making them afraid to leave their homes.
"In France .... every woman has experienced that situation," the minister told CNN. "Going to work, in the subway, on the bus, between in her home and the office, she's been followed by men, she's been asked her number, she's been asked to talk."
    "It's about freedom ... Women (end up saying) 'I'm not going (out) anymore, if it's that hard," the author and activist turned politician explained.
    "You can't go to work if while you're walking between your house and your office, you are, you are constantly interrupted by men who are asking you for your number ... (or) following you."

    Law to shame catcallers

    Schiappa said the exact details of the punishments involved had yet to be decided, but that the law would mean police who spot women being targeted would be able to step in.