Tailgating through the years

Published 1420 GMT (2220 HKT) November 3, 2017
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Snacks and beverages? Check. Funny wigs? Check. Team shirts/cups/flags? Yep. OK, sports fans, now all you need is the back of a vehicle, a few friends, and a few hours before the big game, and you're ready for a tailgating party - just like these Cleveland Browns fans in 2002. Here's a look at how tailgating has evolved over the years: Paul Spinelli/Getty Images
Sports fans started getting together to eat before a big game as far back as the 19th century. When cars became commonplace, these pre-game parties popped up in parking lots outside game venues - and the term "tailgating" emerged. Here, tailgaters in 1940s Chicago enjoy a picnic in the parking lot. Kirn Vintage Stock/Corbis/Getty Images
Minnesota Vikings fans tailgate in a parking lot outside Metropolitan Stadium in Bloomington, Minnesota, before an NFL game in 1973. Alvis Upitis/Getty Images
It's not just about food and drinks: music is also a key part of any tailgating party. Here, an accordion player entertains Penn State fans in 1999. The Sporting News/Getty Images
Oakland Raiders fans show their team spirit outside the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum in 1989 (even though at that time the NFL team was the Los Angeles Raiders). George Rose/Getty Images
Dallas Cowboys fans tailgate before Super Bowl XXVII at Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, California, in 1992. The Cowboys defeated the Buffalo Bills 52-17. Rick Stewart/Getty Images
Pittsburgh Steelers fans cheer for their team before Super Bowl XXX at Sun Devil Stadium at Tempe, Arizona, in 1996. The Dallas Cowboys defeated the Steelers 27-17. George Rose/Getty Images
A low-key tailgating party before the annual Michigan-Michigan State football game in Ann Arbor, Michigan. James L. Amos/Corbis/Getty Images
On November 1, 1992, Democratic presidential candidate Bill Clinton hosted a tailgating party before a Cincinnati Bengals-Cleveland Browns football game in Cincinnati, Ohio -- a key swing state that would help him win the presidential election a few days later. TIM CLARY/AFP/Getty Images
Tailgating isn't just for football fans: this family enjoys a fancy spread before the Far Hills steeplechase horse race in New Jersey. mark peterson/Corbis/Getty Images
Soccer fans tailgate outside Chicago's Soldier Field in 1994 -- when the United States hosted the World Cup -- ahead of a match between Germany and Bolivia. Germany won 1-0. Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images
And, tailgating isn't just an American tradition: in this undated photo, these fancy-hatted spectators gather to eat and drink before the Melbourne Cup horse race in Melbourne, Australia. Ted Spiegel/Corbis/Getty Images