Trump plays round of golf with 'wonderful people' Shinzo Abe & Hideki Matsuyama

Updated 1239 GMT (2039 HKT) November 6, 2017
trump shinzo abe golf Kasumigaseki Country Club Golf Coursetrump shinzo abe golf Kasumigaseki Country Club Golf Course
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The first leg of the US President's 13-day tour of Asia began with a taste of home... JIM WATSON/AFP/AFP/Getty Images
Donald Trump played a round of golf with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and world No. 4 Hideki Matsuyama on Sunday. JIM WATSON/AFP/AFP/Getty Images
Kasumigaseki Country Club, situated in Saitama Prefecture, provided the setting. The Tokyo 2020 golf venue only voted to accept women as full members in March after pressure from the International Olympic Committee. JIM WATSON/AFP/AFP/Getty Images
A senior Trump administration official made clear that Matsuyama and the two leaders didn't keep score over the course of the nine holes. JIM WATSON/AFP/AFP/Getty Images
Trump and Abe, shown here bumping fists, are close allies that chat frequently on the phone. Handout/Cabinet Public Relations Office/Kyodo News via Getty Images
After returning to the clubhouse, the two leaders autographed hats embroidered with the message: "Donald and Shinzo Make Alliance Even Greater." JIM WATSON/AFP/AFP/Getty Images
As tensions escalate over North Korea's nuclear ambitions, Trump's tour Asia encompasses visits to five nations over 13 days. Up next? A trip to Seoul and a meeting with South Korean President Moon Jae-in. Visit for more news and features JIM WATSON/AFP/AFP/Getty Images