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November 10, 2017

Percentages headline this Friday's edition of CNN 10. The U.S. unemployment rate, the percentage of Americans who say they're breaking even, the percentage of effectiveness of last season's flu vaccine: All of these figures factor in. And in advance of Veterans Day, we're bringing you some U.S. veterans' perspectives on what it means to serve.
1. Five days after a terrorist attack in New York City, officials expected that 2.5 million spectators would turn out to view what kind of event?
2. Name the oldest Wonder of the Ancient World, which is currently being analyzed after cosmic rays indicated it has a previously unidentified "void."
3. What Asian country, whose leader is Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, was the first to host U.S. President Donald Trump on his 13-day trip through the region?
4. What automotive feature was patented in 1903 by Mary Anderson before other features like rearview mirrors and automatic transmissions were common?
5. What nation, an absolute monarchy, has made sweeping changes since Mohammed bin Salman was appointed as crown prince two years ago?
6. What event is typically held in the U.S. on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November?
7. Name the capital city that is currently struggling with tremendous pollution and whose government recently staggered the days on which people are allowed to drive.
8. What country, which President Trump visited after his trip to South Korea, accounts for 90 percent of North Korea's trade?
9. What country is attempting to kill all invasive, predatory mammals by 2050 in an effort to protect its native species?
10. What is the U.S. unemployment rate (a percentage), the lowest the measurement has been since 2000, though wage growth remains a challenge for the nation's economy?
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