Volunteer Amy Melin (left) volunteers with White Nonsense Roundup, founded by Terri Kempton and Layla Tromble

These are your white allies on Facebook

Updated 1427 GMT (2227 HKT) December 6, 2017

(CNN)Social media conversations on race typically take one of two routes.

The first, and the one less traveled, leads to a thoughtful, fact-driven exchange of ideas. The second (more popular) route leads to bitter back-and-forth filled with tired stereotypes or racially inflammatory barbs.
November 15th, 2016
When did our tolerance stop be tolerant? When did we stoop to level of name calling our name callers? When did we decide to tell 70 year old people of faith they have no voice? If we represent the tolerance of the world we need to be tolerant. To everyone. Until we let go of our own biases we cannot expect anyone else to do the s