Ed Lavandera travels back to Albuquerque to update the story of a police officer who adopted the baby of a homeless heroin addict.
Addict who gave up baby looks to get clean
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A chance encounter changed three lives in Albuquerque

There's another chapter in the lives of the police officer and the homeless woman

Albuquerque, New Mexico CNN  — 

A chance encounter with a homeless pregnant woman addicted to heroin put Albuquerque Police Officer Ryan Holets on one of the most emotional journeys of his life. Now, two weeks after their story touched millions, there’s a second chapter.

Holets met Crystal Champ and her partner, Tom Key, shooting up heroin behind a convenience store in September. Champ, 35, was eight months pregnant and living in a tent alongside an Albuquerque interstate. Police body camera footage captured the interaction.

In a stunning moment that would change all three of their lives forever, Holets – a married father of four – offered to adopt Champ’s baby.