Claire's: Lab tests show makeup is asbestos-free

Toward the end of December, Claire's said it took nine makeup products off the shelves.

Story highlights

  • Claire's said no asbestos was found in children's makeup it tested
  • The company said it will continue to honor returns from customers

(CNN)The international retailer Claire's Stores Inc. says it has completed additional asbestos testing on samples of its children's makeup and found no traces of the dangerous substance.

Toward the end of December, Claire's said it took nine makeup products off the shelves after a report by CNN affiliate WJAR that tremolite asbestos was found in the makeup. If swallowed or inhaled, tremolite asbestos can lead to lung damage and cancer, including mesothelioma, an aggressive and deadly form of cancer.
    The full list of products pulled by Claire's can be found here. In the statement this week, Claire's said it would continue to honor returns from customers who are uncomfortable with the products. The company said it's unsure whether it will put the products back on the shelves.
    On December 29, Claire's released a statement saying that "initial testing found the cosmetics to be asbestos-free" but that "out of an abundance of caution, additional testing is underway." This week, it released the results of that testing in a statement:
    "We are pleased to report that test results received to date from two certified independent labs confirm that the products in question are asbestos free, completely safe and meet all government requirements. Any report that suggests that the products are not safe is totally false."
    It also said that it confirmed the source of a talc ingredient in the cosmetics and that the ingredient was asbestos-free.
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