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Breaking down Trump's opioid announcement
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President Donald Trump said this week he had the answer to the opioid problem

Senators who were at the bill signing were puzzled by the comments

Washington CNN  — 

As lawmakers gathered in the Oval Office Wednesday night for a bipartisan bill signing to combat opioids, President Donald Trump made one comment that left some wondering what he meant.

The new law gives US Customs and Border Protection more screening devices to detect fentanyl and other opioids that are being imported to the country. Trump said it feels like a “very giant step” in the opioid crisis but argued “it’s not going to be a giant step, because no matter what you do, this is something that keeps pouring” into the country.”

The President said he had the answer to the problem.

“There is an answer. I think I actually know the answer, but I’m not sure the country is ready for it yet,” he said, before looking around at some of the lawmakers. “Does anybody know what I mean? I think so.”

Some senators – who attended the bill signing and are well versed