Speed golf: Briton sets new Guinness world record

    Briton Steve Jeffs poses with a stopwatch after setting a new speed golf world record

    Story highlights

    • Briton breaks longstanding world record
    • Jeffs completed 500-yard hole in 1:50.6 secs
    • Speed golfers complete 18 holes in about 90 minutes

    (CNN)Slow play has long been a curse of golf but not when Steve Jeffs is about.

    The Briton is the new world record holder for the "fastest hole of golf" after completing a 500-yard par-five hole in just one minute and 50.6 seconds.
      The 31-year-old physical education teacher's lung-busting record was set at the UK's Tiverton Golf Club last August and was recently ratified by Guinness World Records.
        His time betters a mark of one minute 52 seconds set by fellow Brit Phil Naylor back in 2005.
        "I probably spent four months working on my sprinting," Jeffs told CNN. "When I first tried (to break the record) I got quite close and thought it would be easy."
        The rule for the record attempt, according to Guinness World Records, is that the hole must be at least 500 yards long. The clock begins the moment the ball is