Here's Chimamanda Adichie's epic clapback when asked if Nigeria has bookshops

Novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Lagos, Nigeria (CNN)Nigerian writer Chimamanda Adichie was asked during an interview in France if there were any bookshops in her country -- and her clapback was epic.

"I think it reflects very poorly on French people that you have to ask me that question," she responded.
The audience erupted in applause as the incredulous "Americanah," author added: "I think surely... I mean it's 2018," she said in the video of the event posted by French news channel Loopsider.
    Adichie was the star guest at a global ideas event hosted by the French government called "La Nuit Des Idees" (A Night of Ideas).
      Midway through the chat, she was asked if her books are read in Nigeria.
      "You'll be shocked to know that they are, yes... They are read and studied, not just in Nigeria but across the continent of Africa," she said.