Indonesian police shaved transgender women and made them dress as men

A group of Muslim protesters march with banners against the LGBT community in Banda Aceh on Decmber 27, 2017.

(CNN)Police in a conservative province of Indonesia forcibly shaved the hair of a group of transgender women and made them wear men's clothing, state media reported, in a crackdown on the LGBT community that has horrified human rights activists.

A group of 12 women were taken into custody during raids on five beauty salons early Sunday morning, North Aceh Police Chief Ahmad Untung Surianata told Antara.
The police chief said his men had shaved the women's hair off and given them men's clothes to wear, as part of their "coaching" to "become men."
    "In addition, the officers also nurtured them by way of having them run for some time and telling them to chant loudly until their male voices came out," he said.
    Surianata said the operation had been part of a campaign to prevent LGBT people from "adversely affecting" Indonesia's next generation. The women were taken to a police station for "further guidance," Antara said.
    The police chief later told CNN that the operation began as a response to complaints that women in the salons had been offering free services at their salons to high school boys, as well as reports of drug use in the area. He denied that it was specifically an anti-LGBT operation.
    Human Rights Watch researcher Andreas Harsono said in a statement Tuesday the raid on transgender women was "foreboding," adding more than 300 LGBT people were arrested across Indonesia in 2017 alone.
    "The North Aceh police should immediately and unconditionally release the 12 trans women and Indonesia's National Police Commission should start an investigation into the incident," he said.
    Tunggal Pawestri, an Indonesian human rights activist, told CNN it was "crystal clear" police had violated the human rights of the transgender women in Sunday's raids.
    "I also feel worry for the mental and health condition of the transgender people who were arrested," she said.
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