Olympic Village stocked with 110,000 condoms

On February 1, the Olympic villages in Pyeongchang welcome the nearly 3,000 athletes traveling from 90 National Olympic Committees.

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  • Organizers will hand out 110,000 condoms to athletes during the winter games
  • The Olympic villages are expected to welcome 2,925 athletes

(CNN)Are organizers of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang expecting the most promiscuous Winter Games in modern history?

The Olympics are set to begin next week, and with no plans to be outdone by previous winter games host cities, organizers of the South Korea games have supplied athletes with 110,000 condoms. That's 10,000 more than the number doled out to athletes during the previous Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia -- and only about 100 more athletes are participating in this year's games.
    It's not like there's nothing else to do. Athletes typically enjoy amenities such as a fitness center, round-the-clock dining, a media center and dedicated multifaith areas for worship.
    All the comforts of home will be provided within a staged community called the athletes' village and the larger Olympic village, including a selection of shops ranging from international postal services to a flower shop.
    Speaking with local media, a spokesperson for the South Korean condom manufacturer Convenience said it was supplying the condoms "with goodwill."
    OK let's do the math: the Olympic villages are expected to welcome 2,925 athletes representing 90 nations. That works out to