Why women in Arizona are sending a state representative pads and tampons

Christy Chavis is one of many women mailing pads, tampons or money to state Republican Rep. Thomas "T.J." Shope.

(CNN)Women across Arizona are bombarding a Republican representative's office with tampons and pads.

The #LetItFlow campaign began over the weekend as a direct response to a bill that stalled in the House of Representatives.
House Bill 2222 looks to provide female inmates in Arizona with an unlimited supply of feminine hygiene products at no cost to the inmates. It also looks to appropriate $80,000 from the fiscal year 2019 general fund to the state Department of Corrections for the purchase of these products.
    Women are sending the hygiene products, and sometimes money, to Rep. Thomas "T.J." Shope, Republican chairman of the House Rules Committee, who stalled the bill because the DOC is revising its policy. In order for the bill to continue, it must go through the rules committee.