Aaron Sorkin's well-played 'Game'
Aaron Sorkin's well-played 'Game'


    Aaron Sorkin's well-played 'Game'


Aaron Sorkin's well-played 'Game' 03:01

Think those conversations in your head are exhausting, try being Aaron Sorkin

Updated 1859 GMT (0259 HKT) February 22, 2018

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(CNN)"The best movies are well-written. There's no such thing as a good movie that has a bad script."

Aaron Sorkin's writing process, by his own admission, is a little exhausting.
So in adding a new title to his resume for "Molly's Game," the first-time director concedes his brain was not "a restful place for anyone to be."
"It was a lot of anxiety in there," he said.
At least, he jokes, "the writer and director got along pretty well on this movie."
The story, about a poker maven's rise and fall, was centered on a woman with a "romantic and idealistic sense of integrity and character" -- "exactly what I love writing about," he said.
The directing aspect came second to that.
It wasn't until producers approached him about taking the job that he entertained it, later realizing, "I had directed a lot of it while I was writing it."
    Sorkin is currently an Oscar nominee for best adapted screenplay. He won in that category in 2011 for "The Social Network."
    He boils down his passion for stories to a simple premise: "The value of storytelling is -- in whatever form, whether it's film, television, a play, a book, or a song -- the same as it's always been for thousands of years, which is that it is the most powerful delivery system ever invented for an idea."