Anyone can make up a holiday. This woman made up 1,900

Updated 1857 GMT (0257 HKT) February 26, 2018

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(CNN)It if seems like some new holiday gets celebrated every day, it's not just your imagination.

Name a day, and it's probably a holiday, though perhaps one you've never heard of: Poetry At Work Day (January 10). As Young As You Feel Day (March 22). International Beer Day (August 4).
As it turns out, anyone can create a holiday. And, as with most things, some people just seem to have a knack for it.
For some, it's how their brain is wired: They mark memories based on the calendar. Others figured out how to turn odd holiday ideas into income. Still others want to draw attention to a cause.
And thanks to them, everyday is a holiday.

The 'eventologist'