A 6-year-old girl goes digging in the dirt at her sister's soccer game -- and finds a 65 million-year-old fossil

Naomi Vaughan, now 7, found an ammonite fossil at her older sister's soccer game last year.

(CNN)Naomi was bored. A 6-year-old can stay riveted by her older sister's soccer game for only so long.

So she went over to some sagebrush by the soccer field, poked around in the dirt, and picked up a small rock. Something about its swirls reminded her of the mystical necklace from Disney's "Moana."
That was last October.
    Earlier this month, Naomi's family learned what the rock really is: a rare, 65 million-year-old fossil.

    Something about the rock ...

    On that day last year, Naomi needed something to pass the time. Her sister's JV soccer game in Bend, Oregon, was in full swing. So she went digging.
    From the looks of it, her mom could tell there was something special about Naomi's "Moana rock."
    "She knew it right away," Naomi's dad, Darin Vaughan, told CNN. "I'm not sure I would've."
    What the girl had found was the fossil of an ammonite, a sea creature that went the way of the dinosaurs millions of years ago.
    But the confirmation led to another head-scratcher: How did it end up in Oregon?

    ... and what it means for a girl