This marcher is only 6. But as her sign says, so were the Sandy Hook victims

05 march for our lives social london

(CNN)Amidst the sea of protesters who gathered in London for a March of Lives demonstration stood 6-year-old Ella -- holding a sign that made it powerfully clear why she was there.

"I am 6," it said. "So were they."
Ella's mom, Wendy Tarpley-Naylor, is from Georgia but went to study in the UK in 2008. She told CNN she held her daughter as a baby after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut.
    "(Ella) understands about the children who died at Newtown and responded, 'But they were only little kids! People who want to hurt others should not be allowed to have a gun!'"
      Ella's mother agreed.
      "It took moving 6000 miles to a country where most police don't even have guns," she told CNN, "but I have done a 180 on common sense gun reform."