Australia investigates implants that left some women with 'rotting pelvises'

Linda Schulz had a pelvic mesh implant when her organs prolapsed but was in pain after the procedure.

Story highlights

  • Australian Senate releases report raising concerns about use of pelvic mesh implants
  • Patients have described implants as being "like a knife" cutting them up from the inside

(CNN)Like more than 100,000 Australian women, Linda Schulz had a pelvic mesh implant to treat complications from childbirth that resulted in her bowel and bladder prolapsing.

The mesh was meant to be a quick fix, but the aftermath was worse.
    Her right leg went numb almost immediately after the procedure, and after a few weeks the mesh was like a knife constantly cutting her up from the inside.
      "The mesh cut through my vagina wall and came through my skin," Schulz said. "Any movement, whether I moved my legs or not, felt like a serrated-edge knife was cutting me."