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Stormy Daniels, the porn star who alleges to have had an affair with Donald Trump in 2006, said in a new court filing Monday that she would not have signed a hush agreement in 2016 had she known that Trump himself was not a party to it.

“Until approximately February of this year, I was unaware that Trump did not sign the settlement agreement, and I had no idea that Mr. Trump would later claim that he was not a party to the settlement agreement,” Daniels said.

She continued: “Had I known that Trump was not going to sign both documents or that he was going to later claim that he was not a party to the settlement agreement, I would have never signed either document nor would I have accepted the $130,000 payment.”

Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, has acknowledged paying $130,000 to Daniels days before Election Day. He says he used personal funds and made the payment out of personal loyalty to Trump.

White House officials continue to deny that the President had an affair with Daniels, and Trump said last week he did not know about the $130,000 payment – his first public acknowledgment of the scandal that has plagued him for months.

Last month, Daniels launched a lawsuit against Trump to void the nondisclosure agreement she signed with Cohen in 2016. She is arguing that Trump himself never signed the agreement and therefore it cannot be legally enforced.

Meanwhile, Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti said in a separate declaration that Trump’s lawyer refuses to say whether the President was a party to the hush agreement meant to silence the porn star.

Avenatti describes in the declaration also filed on Monday a meeting he had with Trump’s lawyer, Charles Harder, on March 21. At the meeting, Avenatti says he asked Harder if Trump was involved in the settlement agreement between Cohen and Daniels.

“We don’t know,” Harder responded at the time, according to Avenatti. “We haven’t done the research yet.”

Avenatti alleges that he followed up on March 30 in an email to Harder and Brent Blakely, a lawyer for Cohen.

“Was Donald Trump ever a party to the agreement? If so, how and when?” Avenatti says he wrote to Harder and Blakely. “Presumably, your side has determined the answers to these questions as they are not complicated questions.”

Avenatti says he has yet to receive a response from either Harder or Blakely. CNN has reached out to Harder for comment.

The declaration filed Monday is part of Avenatti’s efforts to prevent a private arbitration and make the case for an open trial.