Why is Sydney being split into three cities?

Story highlights

  • The Sydney government has announced plans to split the city into three
  • The divide will help to ease pressures of overpopulation of the harbor region, and a lack of infrastructure
  • Sydney's population is set to double in the next 40 years

(CNN)Sydney has an ambitious plan. The most populous city in Australia has announced that it wants to split into three cities -- in as little as 20 years' time.

The radical "Greater Sydney Region Plan: a Metropolis of Three Cities" plan was released last month by the Greater Sydney Commission, a government agency responsible for land use.
    The divide aims to tackle problems such as major population growth, sky-high housing prices and increasingly congested commutes. Splitting one city into three, the commission says, will give residents better access to housing, jobs and services across the board.
      "We want quality of life for all Sydneysiders," a spokesman from the commission tells CNN.
      The Sydney triplets would be called the Eastern Harbour City, Central River City and Western Parkland City. But how do you split a city of millions of people into three?