A comedian broke his penis and wrote a book about it 

His book "Broken Bananah" tells Ross Asdourian's tale.

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  • "Penile fracture" refers to the rupture of a sponge-like tissue in the penis
  • There are over 1,300 cases of penile fracture in medical literature

(CNN)What may be every man's worst medical nightmare happened to 32-year-old Ross Asdourian.

"I think that all men in the depths of their brain know that this is possible. And I will go a step further and say that most men have probably had scares where maybe it bent a little bit, myself included," Asdourian said.
    About three years ago, Asdourian, a New York-based comedian and filmmaker, met up with an old friend at a bar. He took her back to his apartment in Manhattan's East Village.
      "We were basically approaching the finish line ... and I came out, and when I went to go back in, she was pushing back, and basically it just popped," he said.
      Asdourian suffered a severe case of penile fracture -- what in medical terms would be referred to as a "corpus cavernosa rupture," according to Dr. Jack Mydlo, professor and chair of urologic surgery at Temple University, who was not involved in Asdourian's case.
      " 'Penile fracture' is a common term, but when people hear penile fracture, they think of a bone in the penis, and there's no bone in the p