Lack of fuel caused Brazil soccer team's 2016 plane crash

Capturing Chapeco Recovery through Photography intv Riddell_00005115
Capturing Chapeco Recovery through Photography intv Riddell_00005115


    Capturing Chapecoense's recovery


Capturing Chapecoense's recovery 02:34

(CNN)A lack of fuel caused the 2016 crash of a charter flight carrying a Brazilian soccer team, the Colombian aviation agency said Friday during a press conference in Bogota.

The official report indicates the Bolivian company LaMia did not make the decision to land at another airport to refuel before it reached its destination, even though they were aware of the small amount of fuel needed to complete the flight.
    Players, coaches and invited guests from Brazil's Chapecoense soccer team were on board the charter flight on November 28, 2016 when it crashed. Seventy-one people were killed and six survived.
    "We could say that the accident was caused by the depletion of the plane's fuel as a result of inappropriate risk management by the LaMia company that, specifically for this flight, did not foresee the minimum amount of fuel necessary for an international flight," Miguel Camacho, Colombia's civil aeronautics chief, said in remarks at the press conference, according to Reuters. Camacho led the crash investigation.
    LaMia Flight 2933 took off from Bolivia's Viru Viru International Airport and headed to Rionegro, Colombia. It crashed into the side of a mountain in Colombia.
    The team at the time, which rose through the ranks in Brazilian soccer, was set to play in the first leg of the South American Cup finals.